Metagineering 2017: Principles and engineering applications of the acoustic metamaterials.

Metamaterials are artificial materials with structuring on a scale smaller than the wavelength allowing them to adopt extraordinary wave behavior in materials in the natural state. The framework of metamaterials is completely interdisciplinary, but in the case of acoustics, they arouse great interest because of the exceptional propagation and vibration properties which they can present, which give rise to potential applications in engineering fields as diverse as sound insulation, urban acoustics, civil engineering, vibroacoustics, selective frequency filtering, submarine acoustic stealth, non-destructive evaluation or medical ultrasound.

The main objective of this thematic school is to provide comprehensive training for PhD students, post-docs, industrialists and engineers on the topic of metamaterials. There is therefore a real opportunity to offer joint training with the objective of facilitating communication between the industrial world and the academic world. The training will be carried out jointly by researchers from French and foreign laboratories, and by industrialists, allowing to exchange and compare points of view.

The summer school will take place from 2nd to 7th July 2017 in La Vieille Perrotine, Ile d'Oleron, CAES village of CNRS, which has a tradition of thematic schools with a great interdisciplinarity between physics, mathematics and Earth Sciences. 

Vieille Pérrotine

Training on acoustic metamaterials will be offered in areas of recognized applications (underwater acoustics, telecom components, audible acoustics), but particular attention will be paid to emerging themes such as metamaterials for acoustic, mechanical and seismic waves.

The summer school will begin with an introductory course. It will continue by alternating training courses (CF) allowing the learning of basic concepts and research courses (CR) in the fields cited above. Industrial seminars (SI) will complement the training by illustrating the technological challenges and the societal stakes for each field of application. Finally, science cafes (CSs) will allow informal discussions between stakeholders and participants.

Deadline for registration and payment: 1 May 2017.

The METAGENIERIE school received the support of the CNRS.





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